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Silken Windhound Club of America

Our Mission

We are a relatively new club, but we aren’t new to the breed.  The Silken Windhound Club of America is a breed club founded in the United States with the goal of getting AKC approval for the Silken Windhound Breed. We foster a culture of inclusiveness and positivity in our community by having a set of Principles that we refer back to. These are not rules or laws, but guidelines on how to make our club and our breed better. If you want to learn more about us or have questions, you can learn more by clicking About the Club button below where we have an FAQ.

Kind, Energetic, Loving

Silken Windhounds are graceful, medium-sized Sighthounds with silky coats of moderate length.  They have many coat colors and markings ranging from red to silver, brindled to spotted.

Silkens are affectionate and playful.  They do well in families with children and can be trained to live with smaller household pets.  They can be an only dog or live with other canine housemates.

Silkens love to run and enjoy racing as well as agility, therapy, flyball, and obedience.  They are intelligent and easily trained using positive reinforcement.


The official term for dog shows is conformation. Dogs are not being compared to each other; they’re being measured by how closely they conform to the standard of their particular breed.

We will soon be offering specialty shows!


Silkens love to run and what a better way to enjoy time with your hound than doing what they enjoy!

Silkens can compete in LGRA, NOTRA, and ASFA racing events.


Like the AKC, SWHCoA is dedicated to promoting breeding type and function, and supporting the sport of purebred dogs.

We advocate for our dogs as a family companions, advance canine health and well-being, and promote responsible dog ownership.

Club Services

The Silken Windhound Club of America is located in the United States and will provide a number of services to our members, including:

Show Point Registration

We will be registering dogs to track show points for SWHCoA sponsored events.


We offer support for those who want to bring a Silken Windhound into their family and those who want to learn about responsible breeding practices


We are an inclusive, fun environment, which encourages and helps each other to make a better club and better breed. We hold each other to high standards.

Want to Join Us

If you want to support the growth of our club and Silken Windhounds, please join us!  Follow the link below to learn more.