Silken Windhound Club of America

We are a group of dedicated individuals working towards the goal of getting Silken Windhounds accepted in the AKC.

The Silken Windhound Club of America is located in the United States and will provide a number of services to our members, including:

  • Specialty shows
  • Championship point tracking
  • Breeder resources
  • Owner resources
  • Community forums
  • Visual standard examples

We are an inclusive, fun environment, that encourages and helps each other in all aspects. We hold each other to high standards.  We do this by following our SWHCoA Principles when making decisions and interacting with each other.

This club grew out of the need for an American club to forward our goal of AKC recognition.  People who have been in the breed for years and people newer to the breed with new ideas got together to form a club that will grow and meet the needs of the community as we all work toward AKC acceptance.

Yes, SWHCoA is a non-profit, we are in the process for applying for that status now.

A list of Board members can be found here.

The current board is temporary until we hold elections within a year of club formation.  We wanted to have the major leadership positions filled so that we can get this club up and running as fast as possible.

Our main goal is acceptance into AKC while creating and maintaining an inclusive community.  We want an environment that encourages new ideas and fosters responsible dog ownership.

The Constitution, Bylaws, and Code of Ethics are currently being drafted.  They will be based on AKC guidelines, which can be found here.

They will posted on the website as soon as they are ratified.

A list of Teams and Committees can be found here.

We have listed a few of the common teams and committees found in breed clubs; but are open to forming more if the SWHCoA members see a need.  There are a lot of vacant positions; so if you would like to help contribute, please let us know on the forum post here!

We have created a contact form for the Board and you can find it here.

The International Silken Windhound Society’s scope is international; while our area of operation is solely in the United States.  We formed out of the desire for AKC recognition and a US club was needed to fulfill that goal.

We are happy to support any regional clubs that wish to host a SWHCoA event.  We encourage any local Silken Windhound clubs to contact our board if they have questions.

This question was originally answered incorrectly on the site leading to some misunderstandings.

While SWHCoA will register dogs on our site for show point tracking, we will not operate as a breed pedigree service.

We will have an online form to register your dogs with us at some point in the future.

We will eventually offer specialties around the US and we will be awarding points toward a SWHCoA Championship.  As specialties are scheduled, we will post on the website pages under the Events tab.

We will establish a show committee and have a member who will record points and announce championships.

We welcome people from all over the world to become club members!  The more support we have, the more we can grow to meet our members’ needs.

Our focus as an American club means we cannot register dogs outside the US for show points.

Application for membership is found here and the fee is $20 for an individual application.

By becoming a member of SWHCoA, you are helping the breed toward AKC acceptance and becoming a true resource and community for all people who what to learn more about Silken Windhounds.  You will have access to membership pages with the resources as we develop them, records of official meetings, and a growing Archive of our club’s history. 

Your dues go toward essential club functions like show point tracking operations, event support, and website functionality.  Members will be provided with detailed treasury reports each year.

We welcome input from all of our club members and we will always do our best to be open with them.  Members will have the opportunity to vote for Board positions and on any proposals that will effect the club as a whole.

If you wish to volunteer, please contact the club here and we will be in touch.  Please let us know on your membership questionnaire what you might be interested in helping with.

Our Principles are found here.

We want all of our volunteers and members to feel like they have input in the club and like they are supporting its goals.  We are kind and supportive of each other.  We take suggestions for improvement seriously.  We listen to each other, discuss new ideas, and agree on the best path forward as a whole.

Some of the pages you can see on the site are for paid SWHCoA members.  A benefit of membership is access to membership pages with the resources as we develop them, records of official meetings, and a growing Archive of our club’s history.

The forum is where all official club business will be recorded, members can discuss new topics that might effect the club, the website team can make announcements about new functionality, and new people can come and ask questions about Silken Windhounds on the Public Discussion board.

Some forums are just for announcements or explanatory discussions, like the Website Team’s, while others are completely interactive.  You can subscribe to any of the discussion boards or topics.

Part of the reason for this is transparency and accountability for the board.  The board will have a private section as well to discuss things that need to be confidential, but the club does not operate in secret. Think of it like a city council meeting study session where the public is allowed to attend and listen but not participate.

We are adding new content all of the time and are developing an FAQ specific to the forum.

We would love to grow our collection of silken pictures for the website.  However, we do not have a lot of people working on the website as we are just starting out.

In the future, we want to develop a process for SWHCoA members to submit picture for inclusion on the website.  If you are interested in helping develop this system, please contact the club here and we will be in touch!

Once we get our foundation documents completed and our teams and committees staffed, we do want to develop merchandise with the club’s logo/seal and have it available for purchase.

Aside from becoming a member, we would love for you to help contribute your time or skills by volunteering.  You can do that here.

You can also make a monetary donation on this page.

Yes, you are able to upgrade your account at any time by going to the membership levels page found here.

All Individual memberships get a single vote.

Currently there are not any family discounts. If you have multiple people in your family that wish to become a member, you should each make an account on the website and sign up for an Individual Membership for both accounts.